I write about country music. Mostly.

Elise Davis and Kirby Brown out with new albums today. Go get ’em.

I’m sure it is just a coincidence. But two of my favorite Americana country singer-songwriters (who I’ve had pleasure to interview) released separate big albums today. This is not run-of-mill music.

Check them out and add them to your library.  You’ll thank me for pointing you to Elise Davis and Kirby Brown.


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/ well, here it is, a thing i have made: a thing i got up early and stayed up late for, worked through the night for, worked when i didn’t feel like working for, went into debt for. it is the culmination of many late night conversations, visions, revisions, and it is the fruit borne of the labor of many hands. i hope it is like a stained glass window — that when you stand close and take in each piece individually you find something that feels like it was crafted specifically for you, but that when you stand back it is a different picture entirely. listen to it while you drive, while you put dinner on the table for your kids, while you put your make up on. listen to it like its creator was listening to you — and i do. there is no good work without dialogue, and this little batch of songs is nothing unless it reaches you. do with it what you will, but it’s not mine anymore — it’s all yours. prayers up, y’all, however uncommon they may be. xx ❤️🖤

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