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Lots of live country music this month in the Quad Cities

Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats at Codfish Hollow’s Garp Fest for the 2018 Friday Night Show.

Quad Citians: if you love country music there are a bunch of live shows coming your way in September.  I’ve sifted through the various entertainment calendars (best one I found was Trumba.com) and put the word out to venues that I’m looking to share the news about upcoming country music gigs.  Here is what I found but let me know if there’s more!

Sept 1

  • Jim Ryan at Mississippi River Distilling Company/Cody Road Cocktail House (MRDC) in Le Claire (IA); 4 PM; folk and blues/country rock.
  • Kirby Brown at the Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel (The Raccoon) at 7 PM, opening for Muddy Ruckus; Brown is an Americana singer-songwriter based in east Nashville. I spoke to him before his last performance at the venue – read more about Kirby.
  • Gary Allan, 8 PM at Rhythm City Casino Resort (RCCR) Event Center. Whoops, sold out. No tickets to be found.
  • Whiskey High at 8:30 PM at RCCR Rhythm Room. The info I found describes the band as, “Iowa Southern Rock/Dirt-Country” with Michael Moncada at the helm.
  • Crooked Cactus Band at 9 PM at 11th Street Precinct in Davenport. I’ve never heard this band but they seem to pair well with Frankie Joe & Kinfolk which means fun, fun. The Cactus played the Farmer’s Tent at the Mississippi Valley Fair and there’s probably a Freddy Fender cover in there somewhere. So they make the list.
  • Angela Meyer at 6 PM at the Driftwood Pub in Davenport. Angela has a sweet, clear country voice (think Kacey M.), great stage presence, and a growing list of original tunes.  I’ve called her a friend ever since I interviewed her last year.

Sept 2

  • Buddy Olson at 3 PM at The Village Theatre in East Davenport. I’m not sure he’s country but he lists Hank Williams and Vince Gill as favorites on Facebook so he’s on the list.
  • Dani Lynn Howe Band at 4 PM at the Summer Concert Series at Runners Park in East Moline. No doubt Dani Lynn is the Quad Cities’ queen of country with a top country DJ spot at WLLR and a kicking country cover band. Guaranteed fun time when she’s at the mic.
  • The Rough and Tumble at 6 PM at the Taylor’s Ca D’Zan house concert (potluck, too!) in Cambridge, IL. The Rough and Tumble is a married Americana folksy duo. Apparently they base (or did) in Nashville but mostly they tour playing house parties and such.  Lots of plucky strings and clear vocals on their website music demo reel.  Good stuff and great website.

Sept 6

  • EmiSunshine at 6:45 at The Circa ’21 Speakeasy. According to her website, the 14 year old throwback’s style is, “steeped in Appalachian music” with influencers like Loretta Lynn/Tanya Tucker, and The Louvin Brothers.  Interested.
  • Angela Meyer at 7 PM at The J Bar in Davenport.

Sept 7

  • Frankie Joe & Kinfolk, 5-9 PM at Mercado on Fifth organized by molinecentre.org. Frankie Joe’s shows are a special brand of showmanship and old timey music. Can’t not smile listening to them.
  • The Country Tradition Band will hit the stage at 6:30 and 9:30 PM at the Musicfest in Durant, IA. I’m assuming this is the old Polka Fest so expect lots of dancing.
  • Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo at 8:30 PM at The Grape Life Wine Shop & Lounge Davenport. The duo’s Facebook page says they play 70s, 80s, 90s pop, rock, country hits.
  • Dallas Hendrix will play at 8:30 at RCCR’s Rhythm Room. The young country band leader was born in Muscatine, moved to Omaha as a teen, and is now based in Nashville. Looks like he does tons of touring. According to his website, “God, family, country and appreciation for the simple joys in life” are the important stuff to him.
  • Frankie Joe & Kinfolk will play at 9 PM at at RIBCO.

Sept 8

  • Jimmy Parker is set for the second day of the MusicFest in Durant. Noon and 3:30 PM. “Nothing but pure country” is Mr. Parker’s tagline. I imagine he did some time on Nashville’s Lower Broadway before it was crawling with brides.

Sept. 9

  • Buddy Olson will be back at The Village at 3 PM.

Sept 12

  • Tommy Pickett & Friends plays at 5:30 PM at Davenport Elks Lodge. He’s the pedal steel in North of Forty.  Seriously considering this one.
  • Jordan Danielsen will play at 6:30 PM at The Faithful Pilot in Le Claire. You won’t find the word country or Americana on his website but he’s a prolific songwriter and a good harmonica player. So he’s here on my list.

Sept 14

  • Greg & Rich at 8 PM at Geneseo Brewing Company.
  • Cherry Gun will play at 8:30 PM at RCCR Rhythm Room. Looks like they love to belt out the biggest hits from pop, rock, and country.

Sept 15

  • Angela Meyer will sing country tunes at 4:15 PM at the Hilltop Campus Village Retrofest in Davenport.
  • Greg & Rich at 7 PM at Tuggers Burger Bar & Ale House in Port Byron, IL.
  • Cherry Gun is back at Rhythm City Rhythm Room at 8:30 PM.
  • Moonshine Run at 9 PM at RIBCO. Facebook page promises, “this high energy band brings you your favorite country hits and a hint of your favorite classic rock all in one show!”
  • Dani Lynn Howe Band at 8 PM at The Bier Stube in Moline.

Sept 16

  • David G. Smith will perform at 2 PM at the Wide River Wine Tasting Room in East Davenport.  Mr. Smith is a bluesy-folk-country singer/songwriter from Iowa who writes tender material, often in Nashville.
  • Buddy Olson is back at The Village at 3 PM.

Sept 18

  • Super cool Anderson East will headline at an 8 PM show at Codfish Hollow in Maquoketa. That’s big. Really Big. Anderson East is all crackly, guttural rhythm and blues but definitely has a number of country connections. He was once a member of Holly Williams’ touring band, he lives in Nashville, and I imagine he attended a good many country music awards shows with his former GF Miranda Lambert. His last album was produced by Dave Cobb who also produces for Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson.  Need I say more.

Sept 20

  • Sean Rowe will be at The Raccoon at 7 PM. Sean Rowe is interesting. He has a super low voice and he uses it to show emotion, especially on the tune My Little Man presumably about his son. He also does a killer cover of Luckenbach Texas, one of my all-time favorite songs. The update New York native is a songwriter and also an expert at foraging wild food in the wilderness. He’s been on Jimmy Kimmel Live and wrote a song for the Ben Afflect movie The Accountant.

Sept 21

  • Greg & Rich at 5 PM in Missipi Brewing Company in Muscatine.
  • Bucktown Review will be at 7 PM at The Nighswander Theatre (at Annie Wittenmeyer Center). This is a great live show that’s perhaps best described as Prairie Home Companion meets Old Towne School of Folk Music meets Grand Ole Opry. Lots of fun and surprises.
  • Angela Meyer at Green Tree Brewery at 8 pm.
  • Amanda Shires at the Englert Theatre at 8 pm. I didn’t list any other Iowa City shows but this is a fine exception. Ms Shires is an Americana folk singer/songwriter and fiddle virtuoso. And she happens to be married to Jason Isbell.

Sept 26

  • Sam Morrow will play at 7 PM at The Raccoon. What I read on his website was compelling: “Morrow should cement his place as a member of Los Angeles’ country elite. Concrete and Mud (his most recent album) is a confident album, rooted in Texas twang, southern stomp, and old-school funky-tonk.” Looks like a lively night.
  • Tommy Pickett & Friends will return to the Davenport Elks at 5:30 PM.

Sept. 27-28

  • Finally, GARP 2018 will return to Codfish in Maquoketa the last weekend of September and Nathaniel Rateliff and The Nightsweats will headline the weekend festival once again.  Kirby Brown will be there and so will The Texas Gentlemen, Cactus Blossoms, Okey Dokey and a bunch more. (Updated 9/3/2018: Barn tickets are sold out. Friday night grounds tickets are available.) I went to the Friday show last year and Nathaniel and Co. played full-on.  Excellent time in great venue.

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