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Cam at Iowa’s Codfish Hollow?

By habit I grab my phone to see what time it is whenever I wake up. Sometimes it is 3 AM, as it was just a bit ago. Finding a few paragraphs to read on my phone via Facebook or Twitter usually helps me drop back off to sleep without disturbing my husband Dan. But this morning, instead of slipping back to sleep, I got inspired to write.

What popped onto my screen? It was a replay of Cam’s Mayday Mondays. In case you don’t know, Cam is the young, sweet-voiced country artist with the great blond, curly hair. Her song Burning House was a breakout last year after Bobby Bones played it on his radio show. Mayday is her current single.

Mayday Mondays is Cam’s moniker for her weekly Facebook Mentions video sessions  where she answers fan questions and talks about what’s happening in her life. (Dan is on a business trip so middle-of-the-night video watching is fair game.) I rarely catch the live feed but I enjoy listening to the replays. Sometimes Cam gives practical advice geared for younger fans, such as how to make friends when you move to a new school (she has a background in psychology), or she talks about new music, books and recent tour performances. Tonight she discussed what it is like to sing background harmonies for Eric Church on Like Jesus Does at Red Rocks. Wow.

But why am I up so early writing? Well, there were a few personal connections with Cam that just have to be mentioned:

1.) Cam was backstage at the Iowa State Fair getting ready to perform Monday evening. We are going to the Iowa State Fair this week and I am looking forward to it! Check back for some photos!

2.) She answered a question I emailed in a week ago or so. I asked her, “How can fans best support your music? Stream? Download? Concerts? Radio requests?   Her answer: Listen to your favorite music (however you choose, she said) and talk about it!  I’m gonna guess a blog post counts so I’ve got it covered. By the way, got a question for Cam? Email them to maydaymondays@camcountry.com.

3.) I really perked up with this, though. Cam gave a shout out to Codfish Hollow Barnstormers (which she adorably called Barnstompers). Apparently Cam had an evening off her tour while in Iowa and got to see a show there which is about 30 minutes from my home. Codfish Hollow is a phenomenal music venue started by fan Tiffany Biehl and her husband Shawn in her grandfather’s barn. As Cam confirmed, the place is magical. (Update: the folks at Codfish replied to my Facebook post that, yep, Cam’s peeps contacted them ahead and arranged to park her tour bus at the venue. Codfish even hinted that perhaps next time Cam comes by they’ll get her to sing…that’s an exciting thought.)

I’ve written about Codfish a couple times so rather than detail it here, I’ll point you to those posts and urge you to visit the venue yourself sometime.

Codfish Hollow performance last spring

Codfish Hollow art gallery


Codfish Hollow Barnstormers show featuring Waydown Wanderers, May 7, 2016.

I also urge you to get to know Cam better. She’s pretty magical herself. Check out her video for Burning House, here:

Cam’s video was linked from her official CamVEVO Channel on YouTube. The video has over 20 million views! Whew.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyGSe76rAJc  I claim no rights to the content.

Love social media or hate it (I have friends on both sides), Cam’s Facebook Mentions session points out just how easy it is to feel engaged as a music fan these days. I love that.

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