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Morgan Myles Takes Us to The Party…and We Won’t Go Home

One of the most interesting young female artists I’m following is #countrysoul powerhouse Miss Morgan Myles. I just love her vibe.

Things have been pretty exciting for Miss Morgan with the video for her song We Won’t Go Home debuting this week on Billboard.com. “Dreams come true, hands down,” she texted when I wrote to ask her about it.

The song is a feel-good, party song and the video brings it to life in a fantastic artsy, breezy way. With a big ol’ blue Chevy convertible, Miss Morgan and her band drive us to the party!

Miss Morgan’s band members, including GtarPhil, Darius and Thadeus (sorry guys I never did get your full names), give each scene a playful spark. Riding shotgun with Miss Morgan suits them to a tee – they were rolling along in her van out east when I interviewed her a few weeks ago. Read that post here: #KitchenTableChat with Morgan.

Good luck, Miss Morgan. And thanks to fan Deloris Gifford for alerting me about the premier! “This song and video make me want to dance,” messaged Deloris via Twitter.

The photo is a screenshot from the video We Won’t Go Home which was linked to Morgan MylesVevo YouTube Channel. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIuulyLdT7I) I claim no rights to the content.

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