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Soul2Soul date night. Random thoughts.

Random reflections from Tim and Faith’s show at the iWireless Center in Moline, IL, June 17, 2017. Went early. Beat the crowds. Nope. Microbrew Mile. Runners everywhere. Wait for the train. Looking good, Saladinos. Bierstube. Good to have rain gear. Time to get there. Pat Lueck. Section 103 Row 4 Lower Bowl. Worth the upcharge. It’s starting. High Valley. High energy. Newgrass. Make You Mine. Farm boys. Shout out to Dad. NOOOOOOOO! Dropped phone down there. Help! Security saves the day. Jim and Louann here. Now, the Stars of the Show! Hydraulic lift. Big moment. There they are! Down in front, please. Love. Big production. Big business. Theatrical. Sparkly. Ballerina. Big hair. He MUST do yoga. Perfectly tailored polyester. Wow. Power ballads. Lights. Cityscape. Super charged. Monster hits. More lights. Someone teach me to use my camera! It’s a boy. Her turn. Inspiring Faith. Her chops. Refreshed Breathe. Take me to church. She’s real. Smart shoes. But head-banging? Great band. Tim back. Awesome re-entry. Angry all the Time! She’s the picker. His hits. One of the boys. Dramatic pointers. Graceful. Humble and Kind. Seems true. Hey, buddy. I got you. Total pro. Never broke a sweat. Sweet mom-daughter neighbors. She’s back. Sparklier dress. Your love. Pretty family. Road show. Into the crowds. Mississippi Girl takes her time. Stand back! He’s bolting by. Arm tap. Great show. Ducked out before Need You. Gotta get home. Fun date night.


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