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Download line-up chart for GAS Fest

Serious music fan in eastern Iowa? Then you are looking forward with glee to the maiden voyage of the GAS Feed & Seed Festival! The Moeller Nights event will be at Baked Beer & Bread Co. and The Village Theatre this weekend (February 16-18, 2017) in the Village of East Davenport in Iowa.

But goodness. With 36 artists over three days at two venues, it is a lot to take in. And if you are like me, as much as you’d love to, you won’t be spending the entire time at the festival. Gotta pick your slots.

So to dial in I created a color-coded chart (I know, crazy!) showing the genre of each artist and  when and where they are playing. Luckily my associate and friend Tonya is way better at creating Excel spreadsheets than me; she made me a template!

To get the genres as close to right as possible, I reviewed the GAS Fest playlists Sean Moeller put out on Spotify. I also went back and re-read his Q and A from last week here.   And I went to the artist websites or Facebook pages to see what I could find. Don’t get worked up if the categories aren’t perfect – the festival is very eclectic so there are some overlaps and outliers. But I did my best – you’ll get the idea.

You can download a PDF of the chart here:  gasfestgenrechart-schedulegas-fest-genresLearn more about music fan and blogger Karen Bernick here.  Please feel free to share this article or others. But please use photos with permission only – just email me with any requests. If you like this post, please consider following me here, liking my Facebook page Karen Loves Country or following me at Twitter. Thanks for reading! #GASFest #MoellerNights #SeanMoeller #VillageofEastDavenport #MusicFestival #MomLovesHerMusic #KarenLovesCountry


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