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Bombfire Valentine

Dan and I made the totally-worth-it trip to Iowa’s only island city Sabula where we celebrated an early Valentine’s Day at one of our favorite eating places, Bombfire Pizza. A few years ago we found Bombfire after attending our neighbor (and Sabula native) Rick’s funeral visitation. Now we think of him when we go.

You can’t really describe Bombfire in a few sentences. It is a full-on sensory experience, unlike anything else around here. Eclectic is a pitiful understatement. In good weather an old VW van sits outside and immediately declares the hippie-surfer-chill vibe. If you bring kids along, Tom, the owner, will run and get a bike or two so the kids can tool around town while you have a beer. On Friday or Saturday nights, you might wait for a bit. We never care. It is fun to hang out. Inside, an explosion of tchotchkes, trinkets, dinosaur figures, pirate flags, memorabilia and other stuff keeps you occupied while you wait for a table or pizza. Last night a party of 20 thirtysomethings were enjoying themselves in the center of the place. The place was hopping.

Live music is part of the appeal and Grant Styles and his brother Clint were doing a fine job on the corner stage. They played some Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Waylon Jennings, Union Station and lot more classic rock I couldn’t quite name.

Tom and crew make superb brick oven-fired pizza. It is paper-thin crusted with a wide variety of fresh toppings. We got a Mediterranean with added sausage. And stuffed mushrooms. And a strawberry salad. But since it is the middle of February, they subbed in pineapple, which was delicious with the salad’s fresh spinach, blue cheese crumbles and vinaigrette dressing. Yum.

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