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Great music in a cool new venue: Baked opening for Moeller Nights

Pictures tell the story of new music venue Baked Beer & Bread Co’s opening Tuesday for Moeller Nights in Davenport. Organizer and local music mogul Sean Moeller says he’s pushing for 200-300 locals to turn out at his weekly shows. He’s calling in favors to bring the best emerging and established music acts he can get. Then he delivers them within reasonably-priced shows that adults can enjoy even work comes early the next day. “I like prime time,” Sean says. Tuesday night I walked into my kitchen at 10:45 PM.  I missed opener IDPYRAMID but caught Shallou and Basecamp. No country to be heard but I enjoyed them both a lot. #momloveshermusic


Shallou from Chicago. #Bright


Basecamp from Nashville. #Vibrant


Basecamp. #CoolMood


Basecamp. #Subtle


Basecamp. #Breezy


Mr. Moeller holding court at Baked Beer and Bread Co, Davenport, at its opening Moeller Nights.


Flag and silhouettes at Baked. #CoolVenue

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