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Homecoming parade brings back memories

Time to mix a little lifestyle into my blog. There is nothing like a homecoming parade to make you feel satisfied and proud to live in a small town. Fans of our local North Scott Lancers turned out in full steam to bid the football team well and celebrate school spirit. The band played, friendsfullsizerender waved, candy flew, and the queen and king candidates smiled as they passed by in borrowed convertibles. Several people yelled “Hi, Hope,” and tossed Tootsie rolls, suckers, Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy and even t-shirts, Frisbees and a zippered bag, her way. Hope and her black lab Tabor loved it. “More candy!” she said as we packed up to head home.

Hope graduated from high school a few years ago. Homecoming was one of my favorite parts of participating in school life. She enjoyed the assemblies and dress up days, being part of the parade with her Special Olympics team, and we usually turned out for the football game. When she was a sophomore, her friend Adam invited her to the Saturday night dance. That will always be a great memory of Hope being part of the school scene here in our small town.

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