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Random 5 (6) Favorites, June 2016

June is half over so it is time to publish my 5 favorite things for this month, in no particular order:

1.)  Crispy wood-fired pizza, served on paper plates at Bombfire Pizza in Sabula, IA. My favorite is Zenga’s Heaven with chicken, pesto and spinach. Dan is partial to the meatier choices like Pearl Street Pie with pepperoni and sausage. Good eating.

Pizza thumb_IMG_5601_1024.jpg

2.) The Municipal Rose Garden at Vander Veer Botanical Park, established in 1948.  There are hundreds of varieties of roses and each one is labeled. The Pink Promise, shown below, is my current choice. It is ultra feminine and lovely.



3.) Dannon’s OIKOS Triple Zero yogurt. Triple Zero blended Greek nonfat yogurt boasts of zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. Each 150-gram serving contains around 120 calories. Vanilla is my favorite because it tastes like canned cake frosting. TMI? Yum. Thanks, Kristie, for recommending this treat!


4.) Country singer Chris Janson’s song Holdin’ Her about his life with wife Kelly and their four children. Legend Vince Gill gave the song a big thumbs-up earlier this month on ABC Radio, even predicting it could be Song of the Year next fall at the CMA Awards. Not a bad endorsement for Chris, a guy that didn’t even have a record contract at the beginning of 2015. It is a good country love song and the official video stars the whole family:

Chris Janson’s Official Music Video for “Holdin’ Her” published May 1, 2016.   I claim no rights to the video.  Download the album here:  http://smarturl.it/buymeaboat


4B) After hearing Brandy Clark’s Big Day in A Small Town title from her new album on Spotify today, I gotta add a B here. Photo below is a screenshot from www.brandyclarkmusic.com. There’s some Harper Valley PTA in that one!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.08.58 AM

5.) Midwestern sunsets. Stunning. Especially over a farm field.

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