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Try to Keep Your Heart Soft

I didn’t start out writing this post about the events in Orlando. My blog is about music and joy and usually light-hearted stuff. Not destruction and hatred.

But like many folks this week, Orlando has been on my mind a lot. I cannot understand how anyone could do such a horrible and unimaginable thing as kill 49 innocent people and injure 53 more.  Or take the life of a beautiful and talented young artist who was focused on entertaining and bringing joy to others.

I will keep praying for peace and healing for the Orlando victims and their families. How wrenching it would be to lose a child or parent or spouse or sister or brother or friend in this way. It would be the understandable thing to turn bitter and angry, or withdrawn and inward.

That’s why I love the simple song Pulse written as a tribute to the Orlando victims by Arielle, a young singer-songwriter. She reminds us to be grateful for our lives and to live with hope. “Hurting people, hurt,” she says. “Try to keep your heart soft.”

I think you’ll enjoy her sweet and simple, yet powerful song.

Who is Arielle? Arielle is a singer-songwriter and applauded guitar player who lives in Nashville. According to her website, Arielle hails from California where her father bought her first guitar when she was ten. By the time she was 16, she had worked with a long list of notable musicians including Brian May of Queen. Arielle has been featured on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine and she has opened for Heart, Joan Jett and Graham Nash.  In 2013, her video release for the song California from her EP of same name ranked #3 on CMT’s Country Pure chart.

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