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Nice guy Brett Eldredge made a good impression at the Mississippi Valley Fair

What a night! What a guy! Meeting Brett Eldredge at his Meet and Greet at the
Mississippi Valley Fair tonight was a kick. Not only is young Mr. Eldredge a terrific singer and performer – I watched him open for Keith Urban last fall – he seems like a genuinely nice guy. The Meet and Greet was relaxed and friendly without a whiff of pretense or vibe that the whole thing was a drag. I gotta believe that must stem from him.

After a few minimal instructions from a crew member, “You will use your own phone or camera to take a selfie or if you want us to snap it we can do that,” Brett emerged from his gleaming black tour bus. He smiled and waved and then walked to his position in front of a logo repeat panel leaning against the band bus. Those in line patiently waited and watched as others had their moment. The process moved quickly but folks weren’t rushed. A kindly crew member with a walkie talkie asked if she could hold our stuff.

When our moment arrived, I sort of chuckled at myself for feeling a little giddy. But it was fun. I introduced Hope to Brett and she said, “Dog!” (I had coached her that he had one.) He told us the pup Edgar, who later made an appearance on stage with Eldredge, had enjoyed running around backstage earlier. At one point I tapped Brett’s arm and then started babbling I was sorry for touching his arm. He just chuckled. He told Hope he liked her cowboy shirt. He posed for an extra shot with Hope’s caregiver Ashley. He seemed relaxed and genuinely OK with the job of interacting in this way. It was refreshing. I was impressed.

I thanked Fair Manager Shawn Loter for the rare and special treat to go backstage and we rolled away. Ashley and I giggled. Hope was ready to go eat popcorn and ride the “go-cart” back to the Midway. Kelly from the fair office delivered us to the backstage track area earlier on a golf cart. Pushing a wheelchair across sand is next to impossible. We texted her and she and her boss Vicky returned and helped us load Hope’s wheelchair onto one of the carts and drove us back through the crowd.

We went to the WLLR booth to say hi to Jim and Dani and saw Hope’s cousin Sarah and her friends. We then worked our way into the grandstand to watch the show. A kind man helped Ashley and me guide Hope up into the box seats Dan gets as a fair board member. Perk! It was all very enjoyable.

Brett is an easy-breezy sort of performer. He sings and talks to the audience as if there were just a few people watching. The sound was excellent. The band was great. He sampled songs from his new album which just came out recently but delivered his hits too. He helped stage a proposal by a guy named Larry to his girlfriend named Lisa. He brought Edgar out for a trick.

Hope started to get tired about halfway into the show but had a blast rocking out to the music. It was a wonderful night!


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2 Responses to “Nice guy Brett Eldredge made a good impression at the Mississippi Valley Fair”

  1. Barb Check

    Boy, you guys sure get around! I think it’s wonderful that you had a special opportunity to get a picture and also sit in the celebrity box! Your blogs are super, Karen! ❤️ To you all! Barb



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