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Family weekend via Adobe Spark – Post

Want to add pizazz to your social media posts? I used Adobe Spark on my iPhone to showcase a recent weekend with my husband Dan’s family in central Wisconsin.

In addition to celebrating a great nephew’s birthday with a hot dog bar and camo-themed party, we visited an Amish country market. We also had fun riding the John Deere Gator and watching calf feeding time at our brother and sister-in-law’s farm. Later on we played some games and I observed our nephew give the two oldest boys (and himself) crew cuts. That’s a money-saver.

The next day I scored five gorgeous butternut squash that our nephew’s wife grew. We all love butternut squash on Thanksgiving but I hate to peel them. She gave me a tip: Slice the squash in half, remove seeds and roast in crock pot for several hours, then scoop and mash. I will report back.

To use Spark (which is free at this point), download it from your app store or from Adobe’s website. It is a fun and easy way to add graphics to your photos in minutes. The Spark Post app lets you create posts that are sized for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Most of my photos below were created for Instagram but the size was automatically altered for this page.

In addition to Spark Post you can also use Spark Video for animated shorts from your photos and Spark Page for magazine-like stories. I need to explore those.


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