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Jeep Ride in the Smokies

Score another one for a fun and accessible day in the Smokies. For $280 for three hours we rented what appeared like a cross between a jeep and an ATV. We never knew the exact model but it was a Honda and held five people. So it fit our family with room to spare. We hoisted Hope up into the backseat (good thing she has a big farm boy for a dad) and strapped her wheelchair onto the back. Then we were off. Our girl’s giggles and grins were so fun to see. It was loud and bumpy which tickled her. Dan said it was about like driving his dad’s old red truck in the cow pasture. We took in a great couple of scenic loops in Smoky Mountain National Park and saw some pretty countryside. Thanks to the guys at CanAm Fun in Gatlinburg for setting us up.

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