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On-the-Go Show Blog: Dixie Chicks

For 15 years, give or take, our daughter has listened to the Dixie Chicks on her CD player almost daily. She’s worn out two copies of the double Top of the World Live album.

Tomorrow we’ll be attending her first ever live show with the Chicks. She can’t wait. “I’m going to the Dixie Chicks,” she told her pal Ashley recently.

We’ll be blogging from the show but in the meantime, check out this Dixie Chicks video from 2005. It seems contemporary and hip, even 11 years later. From the progressive blue grass rhythms, escape-the-rat-race sentiments to Martie Maguire’s super cute pig tails, it all looks fresh and current.

This video was linked from the official Dixie ChicksVEVO channel. I claim no rights to the content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdkIJm65ytM

Check back for photos and notes from the show tomorrow night.

Pre show…We saw hometown girl Nicole Dierickx and her pals Molly McGuire and Tyler Carlson (pictured above). Tyler actually has been hearing about Karen Loves Country on WLLR!  And we saw Amy Busch and her friend Gwen Naylor.

Opener – Elle King was a logical and interesting opener. Understandably, she lacks the production oomph and star power of the Chicks. And the number of popular songs. But she has the right talent and indie, rootsy vibe to mesh well. And when started in on her biggest hit Ex’s and Oh’s, the place got pretty fired up. Emma loved that. I liked America’s Sweetheart.

Main act – Speaking of production, Dixie Chicks have, hands down, the best production I’ve seen. A huge video wall behind sparse staging was highly effective at dramatizing Emily and Martie’s musicianship and Natalie’s singing. Behind some songs there was a kaleidoscope effect with the girls. At others there was Nat Geo worthy footage. I’ll keep adding to this but for now enjoy the photos.

I read a few comments on Facebook that some folks wished they would have played more of their hits. At the concert I felt it was pretty hit-packed but I went back and looked at their discography. Yep, they left out a bunch.  Let ‘Er Rip, I Can Love You Better, There’s Your Trouble and Without You  were just a few omissions, if I’m not mistaken.  Still, it was a great show and I’d go see them again.

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