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Happy 4th of July!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then 40 are sure to give you the idea of how my family celebrated the 4th of July weekend. We were with my dad in Delavan, WI.

We started off yesterday with a concert at the Phoenix Park Bandshell where the 132 US Army Band, an Army National Guard band based in Madison, gave a free concert. The weather and the music were great. My favorite part was a medley of theme songs for each branch of the military. You’ll see Dad standing during the US Air Force Song.

Next we drove out to Lauderdale Lakes where my family vacationed when we were kids. We spent a few hours with the Jacobsen family at their gorgeous home at Lake Point on Green Lake. Dr. Jon and Ginny Jacobsen and their two sons Mike and Jeff and families, plus some friends were there. I took our daughter swimming (with some help from Jeff getting in and out) and she also scored a golf cart ride with Dan. “Doc Jake” and my dad have been fishing buddies since boyhood.

After that we met my cousin Kris and her husband Chris for pizza at Next Door Pub in Lake Geneva. The Pub has so many pizza choices but luckily they offer personal sizes so you can try a few. Our daughter had a classic pepperoni, Dan and I shared a North Shore Special and Kris and Chris went for The Aloha. My favorite was my dad’s Pub’s Famous Garbage with sausage and green peppers. Forgot to snap some pics.

The focus on food continued this morning with breakfast at the Delavan Fire Department. The fire department is operated by 38 volunteers and their annual pancake breakfast is a huge hit every 4th of July. We went with my Aunt Betty and our friend Joyce. Yum!

We then spent a little time at my dad’s neighborhood party and we will cap off our visit with a parade later today before heading back to Iowa. We’ve decided to take the back roads home so we can see the fireworks in the small towns along the way. Hope you and your family had a nice weekend too – Happy Independence Day!

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