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Food & Prices Delish At Buzzy’s

Buzzy’s is one of those out of the way places that you’ll never find unless someone takes you there or tells you about it. The Welton, IA, bar and grill has been owned and operated by Jerry “Buzzy” Weiss for 31 years. Buzzy and his crew serve great, countrifried food at exceptional prices. The burgers are plump and juicy. The salads are simple but fresh and tasty, kinda like what you might make at home. The fried stuff is yummy, too, and let’s face it. Sometimes when the tank gets low, you just need some rocket fuel in the way of fried mushrooms or onion rings or other batter-dipped delectable. Buzzy’s has a large selection of drinks, including the hard stuff and beer. And they have root beer on tap!

Buzzy’s jukebox is a computerized, modern model but the selections are pretty good with lots of country hits and older classics. We played Cole Swindell’s You Should Be Here, Zac Brown’s Beautiful Drug and Brooks and Dunn’s Maria (a top five for my husband Dan). We ran into a friend, too, as he waited to entertain a wedding rehearsal party.

Did I mention the great prices? Our family of three consumed two salads, two hamburgers, one grilled chicken sandwich, one order of fries, one combo order with fried mushrooms and fries, one beer and two soft drinks for $23.  We were stuffed and satisfied.

In addition to grilled and fried fare, Buzzy’s serves a plated lunch every week day.  Check their Facebook page for daily specials like grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, butterfly pork chops and beef stew.  Buzzy’s: 414 Main St, Welton, IA.


2 Responses to “Food & Prices Delish At Buzzy’s”

  1. Larry Walther

    Much loved by the local farm community, this is an excellent article, missing only the Tuesday night Taco special … one will suffice a very hungry (big) man!


  2. Stan Bates

    I have to agree, Buzzy’s is a very local and right off the highway well enjoyed stop. Tuesday nights Taco’s are Great, Draws a large crowd. We have enjoyed many evenings and catered dinner parties. A must stop on your list



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