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And Then There Was a Video

Big Machine recording artist Trent Harmon capped another exciting week in his country music career. After the audio version of his single There’s A Girl was released on iTunes three weeks ago, it shot to the #4 spot on the iTunes Hot Country Songs list and he also zoomed up to the same spot on Billboard & Twitter Real Time Emerging Artist list. (As of Monday, July 18, it has also reached nearly 1.1 million streams on Spotify! )

This week the song showed it has magical powers on the screen, too. The music video for There’s A Girl debuted on VEVO on Monday. And it was captured via a live feed on Rolling Stone Country’s Facebook page with Trent himself watching along and taking fan questions. The Rolling Stone even picked up the story.

By Tuesday, the video hit a very sweet spot on iTunes. It was Number # 1 on the iTunes Top Country Videos and Number #2  for all genres on iTunes Top Music Videos. The only person ahead of our Season 15 American Idol champ was Fergie. That’s big.

Monitoring eyeballs viewing the There’s A Girl video is a little unwieldy for me since it appears across several platforms. But what I’m seeing now is 34K views on YouTube (up 2K in the past few hours) and another 10K on VEVO that I assume are direct counts over and above what’s on YouTube (correct me if I’m wrong, someone). Just found another 65k logged on the VEVO app thanks to fan Hillary who runs a fan site on Twitter (see link below).

I didn’t catch the live feed as I was in Chicago that day for a meeting. But I watched it a few hours later aboard a Metra train somewhere around Oak Park, IL. As of tonight, 8.5k people have also tuned in for Trent watching Trent on the RS Country post from Monday.

You can get an inkling of just how overwhelmed Trent was by the video’s success from these two Tweets he shot out on Tuesday:


I think the video will be a perfect sales tool for the song. Directed by super talented Roman White and produced by one of the song’s co-writers Jimmy Robbins and also Tameron Hedge, it is artful, endearing and entertaining. See for yourself:

This video is linked via YouTube to the official Trent HarmonVEVO (Link)  for There’s A Girl. Photo at top from screenshot at same link. I claim no rights.

Trent described it as a “planes, trains and automobiles feel” in a behind-the-scenes video that I spotted in a story on TasteofCountry.com the morning after the debut.

Anyone that skims Trent’s social media accounts knows he has a brigade of energetic, loyal fans dubbed the “Harmonies.”  One that rallied for the video this week was Kelsey Dobbins of Georgia who became a fan of Trent’s after seeing his audition on American Idol last January. “His voice was surprising and unique and his personality was also very endearing,” she said.

Kelsey wouldn’t have missed the live feed on Monday for the world. “Fans rarely get to watch the premier of a video with the artist,” she said. “It made me feel even more connected to him as a person – not just some celebrity,”

Kelsey shared links to the debut, the video itself and related articles on her personal social media accounts. She also posted links on the Trent Harmon Street Team page she started on Facebook in June as a place for fans to connect and guide one another in ideas to help promote the song and Trent.

Trent is lucky to have #Harmonies like Kelsey and SO MANY more in his camp. A similar account was started by another fan named Hillary on Twitter: TrentHarmonFanBam

As Trent crisscrossed the country to promote #TheresAGirl at radio stations this week in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis, he checked in with fans morning, noon and night via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat.

The success for the video/song is pretty cool considering the song won’t be “officially” added to radio plays until Monday I believe.  Amazing. Can’t wait to see what I will be writing next. Until then, be sure to follow Trent on his social accounts and call your radio station to ask them to give #TheresAGirl a spin.

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8 Responses to “And Then There Was a Video”

  1. Melissa Hamrick

    Thank you Karen for such a great article!!! This is the best one I’ve seen yet. I fell in love with him when I saw him on American Idol and then i got the chance to see him live at Elvis Fest in Tupelo in June. Then I was hooked. I’ve been following him ever since. I’m so glad you and his other fans created fb pages so I can keep up with him and help promote his music!!


    • Karen

      Thanks for the nice comments, Melissa. I saw him in Tupelo, too! I agree he’s a super talented young guy and he has a great following of fans. It is so much fun watching his career unfold!


  2. Marcy Lilley

    Excellent article Karen!! 🙂 Thanks so much for the update! Trent is such an amazingly talented guy, and I’ve never seen an artist so dedicated and appreciative of his many fans…keeping in touch via live social media… his many “heartfelt Thank you” posts to us fans…etc…It is so awesome what all of us “Harmonies” will do to help Trent on his amazing road to success…..huge success…no doubt!! I even contacted the radio stations here in Southern California letting them know there are tons of fans wanting to hear “There’s A Girl” on their stations and I got some great responses from them!! Excited for it to get air time! He’s working non stop on his radio tour, and doing great live performances ( with Ryan and Dane..awesome musicians as well….love watching them perform with Trent!) and interviews with a huge smile…never tiring of pleasing his fans….and gaining new fans everywhere he goes!! Love it!!! Love Trent❣🎶⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🎶


    • Karen

      Thanks, Marcy. It is fun to watch this unfold. Hats off (no, on) for Trent! Thanks for reading! #TheresAGirl!


    • Karen

      So welcome, Kelsey! Thanks for letting me bug you with questions late last night! Thanks for reading.


  3. Jan Osborn

    Well written article Karen. Trent is well deserving of everything GREAT to come his way. I’ve watched him play these local festivals year after year, always knowing he had the talent to become a superstar. The gracious and humble attitude he shows toward the fans is real.



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