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Fans Help Push Trent Harmon’s Single up the Charts

It is no secret I’ve been closely watching Trent Harmon’s ride after his American Idol win. This past week was big for him. He has officially moved from the role of reality TV star to emerging country star! His new single There’s A Girl was released on iTunes on Thursday and it is showing signs it has what it takes for the wild ride of the chart races.

When I went to bed last night the song was #7 on the Billboard and Twitter Emerging Artists, according to my Twitter pal @Music4Jeanne. This morning, after some late night/early morning social media flurries, it is now #4 on that list.  The Billboard and Twitter Emerging Artist list includes the “most shared songs from up-and-coming artists on Twitter over the last 24 hours.” 

I don’t pretend to be an expert on the song charts (perhaps I’ll dive into it to learn more for a future post) but what’s interesting to me is how Trent and his fans (taking a little credit, myself) are helping Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.05.53 AMthe song navigate the charts through social media.

On Thursday (6/23/16) at 4 PM eastern Trent appeared on Facebook live from iHeart Radio in New York. Trent listened along with an iHeart host (searching for his name) as There’s A Girl debuted, a first live song launch like that for iHeart who played the song across all its country radio stations during the live feed. As of Sunday, about 50K have have watched that segment since Thursday. Trent pushed it out across his own Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope. Even before the surprise launch on iHeart (it wasn’t supposed to go out until Friday) some super fans found the song on iTunes late Wednesday night and made noise about it via their socials so it even got a little head start Thursday morning.

Next, on Friday (6/24/16) morning, Trent and his excellent band appeared on Fox and Friends for their All American Summer Concert SeriesThere’s A Girl was well received by the crowd, show hosts and his fans like @TheRealAlexis who Tweeted:

By 10:30 AM on Friday (6/24/16), I noticed that There’s a Girl had landed in the #4 spot on the iTunes Hot Country Songs chart, just behind his mentor Keith Urban’s Wasted Time.  To me, that was huge! I Tweeted the news myself…and so did other fans whose Tweets and Retweets; Facebook posts, likes and shares; Instagram chatter, Snapchats and other social media posts persisted throughout the day Friday and over the weekend.

The song made its way into the general top 100 iTunes charts on Friday, hitting #78, according to a monitoring website called iTunesChart.net. On Monday (6/27/16) evening, There’s a Girl was sitting in the 100th spot on iTunes top 100 and remained #4 on iTunes Hot Country! Trent is #2 behind Chase Rice on the New (Country) Artist Spotlight list.

Smart and gracious Trent took to Twitter late Friday morning to say thanks to his fans:

Fast forward to the wee hours on Saturday night/Sunday morning when my Twitter pal Jeanne noticed Trent’s strong showing on the Billboard and Twitter’s Emerging Artists chart. He was #7  and she tossed out the Tweet below which drew lots of attention, including from Trent himself.

You gotta believe that Trent’s RT of that message to his 74K followers sometime after midnight helped move the dial to push the song to #4 on Billboard and Twitter emerging artists by early this AM.

What has likely been a big help (and can help even more) is a link to the teaser video (below) that Trent posted Saturday night on his social accounts, including going live about it on Periscope and Facebook live.  As of Sunday morning, 5.4 K have watched it and I predict it will hit 10K and beyond within a day or so…if the fans rally.


Time to act, fans!  Follow Trent’s social media accounts closely: Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube etc. and take his lead, then yak, yak, yak about There’s a Girl with the hashtags #TheresAGirl and #TrentHarmon. Share the download link for iTunes and streaming link for Spotify and other services via Twitter. And call your country radio station to request There’s A Girl!

Update Wednesday 7/6/16: #TheresAGirl is #11 on the Billboard and Twitter Emerging Artists list and #30 on the iTunes hot country chart, just behind Brad Paisley’s Without A Fight featuring Demi Lovato. According to Rick Barker, American Idol’s social media mentor and advisor to Big Machine artists including Trent, the more fans share and talk about the song, using the stream and download links and hashtags from above, the better.  And request it at your radio station leading up to, and after, it hits radio July 18.

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13 Responses to “Fans Help Push Trent Harmon’s Single up the Charts”

  1. Pam Sullins

    Karen, another great article! I so appreciate your ability to articulate what I am thinking and feeling, but don’t possess your super skills with words!! An avid Karen Loves Country fan! Oh, and one other thing, #TAG624 #TheresAGirl #TrentHarmon 😀❤️🎤


    • Gloria MYnard

      Don’t the fans have to call the Radio stations to request that they play the song as well. I called my Radio station up here in New York but I haven’t heard it yet. Please let us know what else us fans can do so we can get him to #1.


      • Karen

        I agree, it is so confusing! For now, how I understand it, is that the song is harbored at iTunes and the radio stations can choose to play it…but they have to be active about it and go download the song. So that is where the fans come in and all the chatter on socials. They will play what we want to listen to. So your call to the station is GREAT. Later, I think the song will be an “add” for radio stations around July 18 or so. So that means the DJs and stations get it as a radio release, the standard way songs get on the radio. But iTunes songs have been giant…just ask Chris Janson about Buy Me A Boat…it raced up the charts via iTunes. I’m not expert, I just read stuff and surmise. I’m happy if someone knows more than me and corrects this reply!


  2. Karen

    You bet, Pam! Jeanne point out same thing about #TheresAGirl hashtag which is way better. Never liked TAG624 (I am opinionated fan!) . Hoping this post gets seen and shared to give fans confidence they make a difference. I have a few more nuggets to add later but off to church soon.


  3. Jeanne Hopkins (@Music4Jeanne)

    Karen, I know you were really busy with other things when I ask you to blog about the importance of this Billboard -Twitter real time fact chart. The most shared songs from up-and-coming artists on Twitter over the last 24 hours.
    So thank you for dropping everything to get this post up on your, blog and socials, so we can share. Hope you weren’t late to church.
    Lord, please forgive me.

    Here is the link to what this Billboard and Twitter chart actually means:

    Below is a copy of my Tweet Activity impressions after Trent did a re-tweet. Huge numbers, so I can imagine what his impressions were.

    I tweeted that at 1:26 am., AND thanks to 2 dogs who woke me up to go out to go to the bathroom at 5:06 am., Trent, and #TheresAGirl was at the number four spot.
    Twitter is an amazing force, if used correctly. We have to keep sharing the #iTunes link to purchase the song with the hashtag #TheresAGirl as well streaming links such as Spotify

    The #iTunes Hot Tracks list is still sitting pretty at my favorite number four, if fans screen cap the list and tweet using the hashtag #iTunes #HotTracks and #TheresAGirl with the link to purchase it. We’re going to keep him where he belongs, at the top.

    Again thanks for everything you do.


  4. Lesa White

    Thanks everyone for the support you show our hometown boy! We are so very humble and proud to say that Trent is part of our Lil spot of heaven in NE Ms.


  5. Lol



  6. poisnivy

    Speaking of Chris Janson and Buy Me a Boat, if raced up the charts because Bobby Bones heard it, an unknown indie song, and liked it, so he played it one morning and BOOM, it went to number 1 and got Chris a record deal. I’ve been tweeting Bobby to play There’s a Girl and even get him on the show to perform.. No response yet but I know Bobby reads every tweet. @mrbobbybones if y’all can help me get his attention on Trent!


    • Karen

      Yep, Kelsey, @mrbobbybones is a very influential guy…I imagine it will happen sometime. I recall him taking note about Trent after the Idol finale. He seemed intrigued at that point. Have you read @MrBobbyBone ‘s book?



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